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Drip Tips: As the manufacturer of The Cloud Chaser line of Friction Fit Drip Tips, The Ming Drip Tip™, The Pawn Drip Tip™, The Universal Drip Tip™, and more, Cherry Vape offers a life-time warranty for the items we manufacture. If your drip tip breaks, cracks or is defective due to manufacturer's defect, fill out the Warranty Request Form here. for replacement. In a separate email, send to info@cherryvape a picture of the damaged tip and a copy of the receipt from the store at which it was purchased,. Return of the defective drip tip is discouraged unless otherwise requested, as it is an oral device, however an digital picture of the drip tip IS REQUIRED  to receive replacement. Warranty does not apply to limited-editions created for charity or available for a limited time only. If the tip is out of stock or no longer in production, a tip of equal value will be sent to replace of the defective tip.

Electronics: Cherry Vape also stands behind the electronic products we resell. If Cherry Vape electronic product fails to work with proper care and attention to instruction, Cherry Vape will replace the item within thirty (30) days of delivery.

Atomizers/Coils/Tanks: Warranty available only for DOA's (dead on arrivals). No other exchanges or replacements.

Nicter E-Liquid: No refunds or return on e-liquid flavors.

Warranty Policy