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How does the Auto Ship process work?

Cherry Vape's VIP Auto Ship Program saves you time and money! Created for busy vapers like you, save valuable time and money on the vaping supplies you need, when you need them.  Take advantage of our auto ship program, you will receive 10% off our already low every day prices, plus as always, earn Loyalty Points, and enjoy FREE shipping on orders over $20. You will reap the benefits of convenient, at your door delivery according to your schedule! Never run out of your favorite flavor or coils again!

You decide what products you need, when you need them, and we will automatically ship them straight to your door for free if when the order is over $20, as you’ve requested. Members of the Cherry Vape VIP Auto Ship Program can enjoy the convenience of hassle free vape supplies delivered with no commitments or fees.  You can change the quantity, frequency and payment method, or cancel an order at any time all by emailing or calling 224-377-9827.


After you place your initial order here’s what you can expect:

  • You will receive a reminder email 3 days before each auto shipment giving you time to update or change your order.
  • When it's time to ship, we’ll send your order and charge your saved credit card according to your predetermined schedule.
  • You will receive a confirmation notice with status of your order and a USPS delivery confirmation number from
  • Your order arrives, hassle free, right to your door! 

We will email you approximately 3 days before each of your scheduled shipments. That will give you enough time to make any necessary updates to your order -- including your delivery schedule, item quantity, or payment method. To make changes, simply email back to or call 224-377-9827.

*Due to regulatory or market changes or circumstances beyond our control, all prices or shipping methods are subject to change, and you will be notified via email.


  1. Choose a Nicter e-liquid flavor or coil from the shopping cart.
  2. Products eligible for VIP Program will have a "VIP Auto Ship Program" Button -- Check that box.
  3. Continue Checkout process.

  4. Review and and click Submit Order to place your order.
  5. Subsequent orders will receive 10% off each your VIP products.

Your next shipment will automatically be processed on the schedule you select when you place your initial order. Approximately 3 days before each scheduled shipment, we will send an e-mail notification to let you know your next order is being processed, allowing you a chance to make any necessary updates. On your scheduled shipment date we will process your order send you both an order and a shipment confirmation email to keep you updated on the status of your Auto Ship order.

It's that simple --
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View our Frequently Asked Questions page here.