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Vape Gear

Stylish and functional, Cherry Vape’s Holsters and Corsets were designed to help vapers keep their hands-free and secure, while never having to worry about losing their mods or e-liquid bottles. 

They are light weight yet durable and made of soft, high-quality  leather. 

Exclusively hand made for Cherry Vape in New York.

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Nicter® Premium E-Liquid: 

When we started vaping, there weren't many US-made e-liquids available so Cheryl Richter set out to make a premium liquid she would be happy to vape and proud to serve her customers. As an avid baker, she understood what goes into creating flavors that mimic their real food or drink counterparts. As a vaper herself, what went into the e-liquid was just as important. 

​Made only of the finest USDA- and FDA approved US flavorings, our e-liquid ingredients are sourced  Kosher, sugar-free, salt-free gluten-free, and diacetyl-free.  We use only Kosher pharmaceutical-grade (USP) PG and VG from the US, and pure USP-grade nicotine. The result? No chemical aftertaste or unusual undertones—just pure, rich taste that produces the right combination of throat-hit and incredible plumes of vapor.

 Now with more than 70 flavors, Nicter original recipes are inspired by real desserts, coffees, cocktails and fresh fruit combinations. Find out for yourself why vapers are so loyal to Nicter and choose our flavors as their all-day vapes.

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Stunning and elegant, our U.S. built mods are crafted with the quality and style that's made Cherry Vape world renown. Available at the Vape Den in Port Chester, or contact us for inquiries.

Drip Tips: 

Since 2009, Cherry Vape has been leading the way in innovative drip tip designs that are both functional and stunning, including The Cloud Chaser™, The Port Chaser™, The West Chaser™, The Tiny Chaser™, The Steam Chugger™, The Pawn™, The Ming™, The Universal™ and more, Cherry Vape Drip Tips  often been copied, but never duplicated! 

Known for their quality and beauty, they are made in New York, sourced from the finest acrylic, surgical-grade steel, Dupont Delrin®, and PEEK® to ensure quality and safety. 

Cherry Vape drip tips come with a life-time warranty against manufacturer’s defects. 

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