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Miami Vapefest chooses advocacy, research in busy event season: It’s happening everywhere. Event after trade show after meet after convention, with many on competing weekends. So, how does one choose? Cheryl Richter of the National Vapers Club, the organization that puts on Vapefest, said that the two things that separate Vapefest Miami, and all of the Vapefests, are advocacy and community.


“I think that in 20 years from now when the books are written about this, this is going to be the pivotal time in history, right now: you know, what did we do, what did we do when the government said, no, you have to keep smoking,” Richter said. “Did we roll over, or did we prevail with a fight?”


The last weekend in March brought Vape Fest, hosted by The National Vapers Club at the the Flaming Hotel in Las Vegas. The event was heavy on advocacy and fund raising, highlighted with an informative panel with Cynthia Cabrera of SFATA, Alex Clark of CASAA, Stefan Didak of #NotBlowingSmoke, and Cheryl Richter of the National Vapers Club.  Read More...

Spotted with a ming! Katherine Heigl

"A former smoker of more than 30 years, Richter said electronic cigarettes — commonly referred to as e-cigarettes and their use referred to as “vaping” — helped wean her off tobacco, and she wanted to help other conventional tobacco smokers, many in their 50s and 60s, do the same at her vape shop and lounge.

Now, she said, the positive message she has been trying to spread around e-cigarettes is being threatened after the Westchester County Board of Legislators last month voted unanimously to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in the workplace and in restaurants and bars."


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Many have become places where former smokers "congregate, learn about new devices and try different juices. The clientele ranges from tattooed millennials like Jeff Eldred,34, a property maintenance worker from Wylie, Texas, to Jerry Davis, 53, a small-business owner in Atlanta."


“Business is flat or down,” said Cheryl Richter, treasurer of the vaping advocacy group, the National Vapers Club, and owner of Port Chester, N.Y.-based VC Vape Den. When new taxes push up e-cigarette prices, she says, “or you have to go stand outside with smokers or you can’t get flavors you like, it all adds up to convince smokers not to switch to an alternative.”

"States Dash to Regulate E-Cigarettes: Record Number of Bills Designed to Rein in 'Vape' Industry are Being Considered in 21 State Legislatures" 

Many Vape Shops Are So Much More Than the Sum of Their Parts

"Just before the turn of the new year, I had the pleasure of being a guest at Cherry Vape’s end of year and 5-year anniversary party. Cherry Vape was one of the earliest vapor products companies around, and I’ve known the owners for nearly two and a half years now."


"Richter, a former tobacco smoker, said the flavor in e-cigarettes is essential for former smokers because it allows people to get their nicotine from a source that isn’t as harmful as smoking tobacco.

'That’s what the major success story is here,' she said. 'The idea that flavored e-liquid exists to hook children is a falsehood. It almost is insulting.'”"Efforts to Regulate E-cigarettes in Connecticut Grow"

"Cloud contest competitors swear by the Cloud Chaser, and using what the pros use is seldom a bad thing in any area of life..."