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Select the Shape, Material,  Color, and Base 

Base Choices

Over the years, our clients have custom ordered drip tips that match their companies' colors, or special ordered tips when manufacturing their RDA's or mods. Now Cherry Vape makes it simple to order to match your company's needs. 

Simply choose your drip tip shape from our vast collection, pick your color/s and bases. 

Contact us for more information: or call 224-377-9827

Material Choices

Acrylic colors and materials dependent on supplier availability. Call for more information.

Drip Tips

Minimum order: 25 per shape & color. For any questions or for quotes, call us today! 224-377-9827.​

About Cherry Vape

Drip Tips: 

Co-owner, Chris Mikovits developed his first drip tip out of need. Back in 2009, the cartridges we used were leaky, and as a pen-maker he had the tools and materials to fashion a beautiful mouth piece out of acrylic to keep the nicotine off his lips. It wasn't long before vapers everywhere wanted one, then started collecting them. 

Since then, Cherry Vape has been leading the way in innovative drip tip designs that are both functional and visually stunning. His designs include the original Friction Fit drip tips which eliminated the o-ring, and therefore no longer choked the airflow. ​As the originators of The Cloud Chaser™, The Port Chaser™, The West Chaser™, The Tiny Chaser™, The Steam Chugger™, The Pawn™, The Ming™, The Universal™ and more, Cherry Vape Drip Tips  often been copied, but never duplicated! 

Known for their quality and beauty, they are made in New York, sourced from the finest acrylic, surgical-grade steel, Dupont Delrin®, and PEEK® to ensure quality and safety. 

Cherry Vape drip tips come with a life-time warranty against manufacturer’s defects. 

Available in Surgical Steel (polished or brushed), Anodized Aluminum, Delrin® or Acetal, and Acrylic in multiple choices.

Color Choices

Contact Us for More Information: or 224-377-9827

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