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Presentation at White House Office of OMB, 2015

Save vaping -- And Save Lives.

Educating Vendors on Advocacy, Vapefest 2015

Vaping Advocacy

Presentation for Senate Education Panel, 2014

Hands for A Billion Lives, 2016

Voter Registration, 2016

Cherry Vape didn't get into the vaping business to earn a quick buck. We didn't just see an opportunity and grab it. We saw the vaping business as an opportunity to change people's lives, in the same way that vaping changed our lives. We believe that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

From the very beginning, we've been activists, fighting the war on vaping. We realized that there are powerful forces that are threatened by the vaping industry: Big Pharma's NRT and cancer drug sales; health organizations who are funded by Big Pharma; Big Tobacco's cigarette sales; a Government that is dependent on Master Settlement Money (tobacco tax) for funding; and the FDA that protects Big Pharma interests.

We went to work to oppose these forces, because we believe a billion lives could be saved by the end of the century if smokers switched to vaping.

We know you have a lot of choices when you purchase your vaping products. We'd like you to know that when you support Cherry Vape, we're fighting really hard for you.

SFATA National Annual Meeting, 2015

Meeting with State Senator George Latimer, 2014

NYC Hearing on Indoor Vaping Ban, 2014

Protesting ANTZ Propaganda Event, 2016

Syracuse SFATA NY Advocacy Meeting, 2016

Albany Fly-in, NY Chapter of SFATA, 2016

SFATA Capital Hill Fly-in, 2013