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"When we first heard about electronic cigarettes, we were intrigued. Could this e-cigarette be what we've been looking for? Would it keep us from going broke? Is it safe? What do all these new words mean? What's the difference between all these products? Most importantly…does it work? It wasn’t much longer that we were totally confused and spent months trying to figure it all out.

 We asked questions, read the forums, spoke to other smokers and vapers and came to the realization that there is a real need of common sense consultation for people who are in need of reliable products, knowledge and help. We are passionate about vaping  and also enjoy it as a fun hobby. We enjoy helping people navigate this new world because we’ve seen its impact in our own lives and the lives of our close friends, family and all our wonderful customers.

 Thank you for your interest! Check back often as we continue to evolve as new technology comes on the market, and as we innovate by creating new products to improve your vaping experience.

 Remember, don't smoke...vape!"
-Cheryl & Chris

Cherry Vape was founded in 2009 by two friends, Cheryl in Connecticut, and Chris in New York,  who came upon “vaping” separately yet had the same experience simultaneously. Their success in switching to vaping after a combined 50 years as hardened smokers convinced them it was important to help their friends, family and community make the switch as well. Since then they've helped thousands of smokers discover the alternative of vaping.

​In the years since, Cherry Vape has led the way in creating vaping accessories that improve the safety and enjoyment of vaping, including the Ming™ and Pawn™ drip tips, the Vape Safe battery fuse, and the game-changing friction fit line of drip tips, the Cloud Chasers. Their innovative flavors in their Nicter® line of e-liquid is the all-day vape for hundreds of satisfied customers, and in 2014 they opened Vape Den® in Port Chester, NY to be a relaxing vape lounge where vapers of all levels would feel welcome, un-pressured and feel free to learn.

Chris and Cheryl have become vigorous defenders of vaper's rights, having testified at numerous hearings from New Jersey to Massachusetts. They have met with their federal legislators, taking part in SFATA

Fly-ins on Capital Hill in 2013 and 2014, and as a presenter on an educational panel for the US Senate. They are members of the of SFATA (The Smoke-free Alternative Trade Association), co-founders of the New York and Connecticut state chapters of SFATA,  and board member of National Vapers Club which presents the semi-annual national vaping event, Vapefest to raise money for e-cigarette research and advocacy.

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