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November 2010
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First of all, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and want to tell you how thankful we are to you for helping us grow this year. Thank you for your support!

Next, we apologize for how long it's taken to get you this newsletter! You haven't heard from us in a few months, because we've been busy bringing new products to market, launching our new shopping cart, and helping to protect everyone's right to vape. If you've been to our site lately, or have friended us on Facebook, you'll have noticed that we've introduced a line of "drip tips" that Chris designed, and we manufacture right in New Rochelle, NY. The Pawn and the Cannon are the first styles of "Dream Tips" we've introduced, and more are on the way, in even more colors.

We've been involved in the effort to protect our vapors rights. If you love your vaping, read below, and make it a point to educate yourself on what you can do to keep your right to vape. 

We also (finally) launched our shopping cart, introduced new products (the best that we could find), we've lowered our prices, and announced free shipping (it was supposed to last until Christmas, but we're going to continue)! We have new products that will make wonderful holiday gifts for the vapers in your life, plus, below is an exclusive newsletter coupon you can use for even more savings.

We sincerely hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season, We hope you enjoy this newsletter, and please feel free to let us know what you think!

And remember...

Don't Smoke. Vape!

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Cheryl & Chris

The Jeopardy of You're Right to Vape

If you've been reading any of the vaping Forums, you are well aware of the government's vilification of vaping and the efforts of the FDA (so far unsuccessfully) to ban e-cigarettes. Let's be clear--this  is about money.

The FDA is being backed by Big Pharma money and their PR machine has been out in full force and publishing false data. Why? Because e-cigarettes are threatening the sales of the less-successful smoking cessation products they market like the Patch, Nicorette and the mind-altering drug Chantrix. Plus, Big Tobacco is worried, as are the state governments who fear they'll lose all that tax revenue. We suggest you read more at National Vapors Forum and CASAA. They are consumer rights organizations that are very involved in educating law-makers and the public.

How can you help? If you agree that never before has there been a better alternative to a lifetime of cigarette addiction, become your own advocate! Tell your friends, family, and everyone you meet what vaping has meant to you, because you never know who can help the cause! Write letters of support to your local government officials, state lawmakers, congressmen and senators. It will help them to know that great people like you are behind vaping.
Dream Tips by Cherry Vape!
Xmas Pawns
Limited Edition Holiday Pawns
Christmas Tree, Candy Cane,  & Icecycle

Chris has been busy designing and developing new of drip tips called "Dream Tips," which are manufactured right here in the New Rochelle, NY.

The Pawn Dream Tip is comfortable and smooth, with a vase-like bottom. It's available in 8 colors: Burple, Cobalt Blue, Jade, Cherry Chocolate, Bumble Bee, Harlequin, Storm and Onyx. The Pawn was introduced at the Midwest Vapefest in August, and a number of vaping reviewers have have posted video reviews of them, which you can view on our website. 

This fall we launched the "Pumpkin Pawn," an ultra-polished limited edition perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving, and for the Holidays, we're introducing three limited edition colors: Candy Cane, Christmas Tree & Icecycle. They make wonderful Stocking Stuffers for your vaping friends!

The Cannon Dream Tip was designed around the highly powerful Cisco 306 atomizer and features a 1.5" long body to keep heat away from your lips. We have more in the works too which we'll be introducing soon, so keep an eye out for our new designs! Watch our videos here.

It's More Fun to Shop at Cherry Vape

In the past few weeks, we've made a lot of changes to We've launched our new shopping cart, lowered our prices, added new products, including great holiday gifts and accessories, and larger battery kits such as the eGo and the Hello 016. We now have free shipping by USPS First Class Mail, too to US, Canada & Europe. We encourage you to visit the shopping cart to see, and check back often because we're adding more products for the Holidays!

Are You Social Too?

Cherry Vape has finally taken the plunge and joined the social networking sites. We post specials, contests and discounts, so make sure you "Like" our Facebook Page. For the latest video posts and reviews, subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Cherry Vape is a proud new sponsor of Vaper's Place, one of our favorite online forums. Join our group there and follow what we're up to while you meet like-minded vapers. And we're tweeting news too... so follow us on Twitter.

Vapers Meet 0810 2
Real Social Networking: Cherry Vape's August Vape 'n Meet
(LtoR: Cheryl, Chris, Z, Mike, Sanu, Cat)
More News from Cherry Vape...July 2010 Issue

In September, 2009, a friend of a friend caught my attention one afternoon with something I'd never seen or heard of before.  He seemed to be smoking right next to me, but I didn't smell smoke and the device he was using, which was very elegant looking, was glowing blue at the end whenever he took a drag.  My curiosity was piqued.  I asked him what this strange device was, and he told me "It's an e-cig."

Naturally, I had to learn more about it.  He told me that there were only four ingredients in what he was "vaping" as he called it. One was propylene glycol (a common food additive), another vegetable glycerin, flavoring and his personal choice of nicotine strength went into the end of it, or the cartridge.  The longer end of the device was the rechargeable battery which I was told would last about a year.  Being unemployed at the time, I did the math, and at $8 per pack of cigarettes, I figured this device would pay for itself in less than one week.  I had to try it.  So I ordered one online that day.  

I bought a 5-pack of mega batteries (they last 7-9 hours per charge), some atomizers (they vaporize the e-juice) and a few bottles of my favorite flavored e-juice for under $100.  The batteries will probably last me the next two years.  The e-juice lasts about a month (a 30 mil. bottle for about $20.00).  So essentially, I pay $20 per month for my juice, as opposed to $8-9 per day.

Since I started vaping, I think I must have caught the attention of probably 20-30 individuals who all wanted to know “what’s that you’re smoking?  It smells really good!”  I know of at least 12 friends who experienced the same thing I did, they ordered, got their e-cigs, discovered the world of vaping and all the wonderful flavors of e-juice that exist (yes they even make them in tobacco flavors.  You get the taste of tobacco but you exhale water vapor instead of smoke). 

One of the things I love the most about these, aside from the flavors, is the fact that I can vape this thing anywhere.  I vape all day long at my desk.  I don’t have to run outside.  I can vape at restaurants, in my car, at home…anywhere I like.  I make a point of going outside at bars/clubs when I see that there’s a large group of smokers, just to see how many people will ask me about my e-cig.  Usually about 5-10 people will comment on how cool it looks.  When I explain, I usually run out of Cherry Vape business cards pretty quickly.

 -Jenn from Stamford, Connecticut

 Product of the Month: Hello 016 All-Day Battery, July 2010

Hello 016 Kit, e-juice, Cherry Vape, Westchester County NY, Fairfield County CT

We've been testing out some mods (modifications)! This month, Chris reviews the Hello 016 "Super Battery." With a life that lasts him a full day and a half to two days, he’s not been weighed down by a charger and a handful of extra batteries. The Hello 016 has a proprietary battery cone that fits with the Joye 510 atomizers. The battery is longer and slightly wider (5” L x 5/8 w),with 3.5 volts and 1300 mah (milli amps per hour). Compare that to the 180 mah of the standard battery, and you have a battery that will give you many more hours of use.


 “I love the unit for its battery life. Although it’s a little larger, once you get used to it, you’ve realized that you’ve switched the compactness of the regular battery for the ease of carrying many which can be cumbersome,” Chris said. “The battery lasts forever. It’s a pretty good feeling not to have to switch out the battery all the time. I walk out of the house with battery and juice. No need to bring charger.  The propriety atomizer makes the quality of the vaper just as good as any other atomizer.


Since the actual battery life varies depending on the frequency of your vaping, it’s hard to give the exact time it will last, but roughly it’s 7x longer than the standard battery. The Hello 016 works with any Joye 510 atomizer and comes with a heavier duty charger.

Cherry Vape is pleased to announce we’ll be carrying the Hello 016 kit, which includes:  The super battery, 2 atomizers, a USB with wall charger, 10 Cartridges and 1 free bottle of e-juice. (In your choice of Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry or Coffee) for a limited time offer of $$55.95. Pre-order yours now!

Contact Us:

Whether you’re in Westchester County, New York, New York City, Fairfield County, Connecticut, or outside of our area (we ship throughout the U.S.A.) call:

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Or Email:

 Did You Know...?

That unlike other online e-cigarette companies, Cherry Vape offers Loyalty Points & Referral Rewards Programs? Every $10 purchase you make from Cherry Vape earns you a point, redeemable in increments of 10. That means you receive 10% off continuously. In addition, if you refer us to a friend, you’ll earn the same points from their first order. In other words, we’re not ashamed to admit that we bribe you for your loyalty.

 Vaping News: New NY Cigarette Tax Hike in Effect

In an attempt for New York State and others to raise more tax revenue, according to Bloomberg Business Week this month, the new tax for New Yorkers who smoke went into effect, making them pay “the highest cigarette taxes in the U.S. today after an increase of 58 percent pushed some prices to almost $11 a pack.”

Hawaii, New Mexico, South Carolina and Utah are following New York shortly. What does this mean for the vaping community, especially after you switch? Since these states are relying so heavily on their smoking tax revenue, it means they’re out to ban e-cigarettes. For a better explanation, visit here. Read the Bloomberg article here.

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