introducing CHERRY VAPE's FIRST E-CIGARETTE Shop and 
Vape lounge!!

Located in Westchester County, New York
Open Monday-Saturday 12noon - 7pm
Sundays 1-5pM

come in, Relax, peruse and vape!

Read the article below from E-Cig Advanced
on the "Birth of a new vape shop"


About Cherry Vape


Cherry Vape was founded by two friends, Cheryl in Connecticut, and Chris in New York,  who came upon “vaping” separately yet had the same experience simultaneously...


When we first heard about these electronic, smokeless cigarettes, we were intrigued. Could this e-cigarette be what we've been looking for? Would it keep us from going broke? Why do they call it an "alternative" to smoking? Is it safe? What does it cost? Will it save us money? What do all these new code words mean? Most importantly…does it work? It wasn’t much longer that we were totally confused and spent months trying to figure it all out.


We asked questions, read the forums, spoke to other smokers and vapers and came to the realization that there is a real need of common sense consultation for people who are in need of reliable products, knowledge and help. We are passionate about vaping  and also enjoy it as a fun hobby. We enjoy helping people navigate this new world because we’ve seen its impact in our own lives and the lives of our close friends and family.


Thank you for your interest! Check back often as our website is always changing and evolving with the technology of the industry and as we introduce new products on the market.


Remember, don't smoke. Vape.

-Cheryl & Chris


Contact Us:

Offices located in Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT. Call: 

2-CherryVape (224) 377-9827
Or Email:

And Now there's a New Badge!
Don't be Confused! Look for Cherry Vape's Official Resellers: Here is a list of companies authorized to resell genuine Cherry Vape Dream Tips. Beware of imitations--Cherry Vape will only honor life-time warranty of tips sold directly by us, or by the vendors below. For questions, contact

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