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Cherry Vape Drip Tips and E-Liquid

March 26, 2021

A notice to our loyal customers,

The PACT Act, signed into law as part of a congressional omnibus spending bill in December 2020, made it law that vapor products and vaping supplies, including drip tips, are now regulated like tobacco products. What that means, is that the federal government now limits vape shipments to businesses only. Consumers will not be able to receive packages at their residences, and we are no longer allowed to ship to consumers.

As of Saturday, March 27, we will delete our shopping cart and will no longer be able to ship to our customers. We are sorry for the injustice this causes, but we have no other course of action.

We want to thank you for a wonderful adventure. In our twelfth year in business, we are proud to have been able to make such a difference in people’s lives. We built a global, name-recognized brand which was synonymous with US ingenuity, quality and customer service.

We stopped manufacturing our signature e-liquid brand, Nicter when the effort to conform to FDA regulations became so cost-prohibitive we could not possibly apply. Now, we must stop the sale of our drip tips as well.

In 2009, Cherry Vape was started based on the idea that we could take a brand-new invention, the e-cigarette, and make it better, safer, more user friendly, enjoyable, and therefore help people get and remain smoke-free. We ourselves quit smoking with vapor products and wanted to share it with our friends, family and community. Over the years, we helped thousands of people stop smoking and made huge impacts in their lives and their health. For that we are truly proud.

We saw the threat our products caused for Big Tobacco and the Pharma companies that were very happy with their “we get’em sick and we treat ‘em” tradition of enterprise. Early on we became intense advocates for the adult consumers of these products, not just to protect our business, but to protect  vapers. We knew it would be a difficult climb.

For more than a decade, from Albany to D.C., we testified at hearings throughout the Northeast, from federal to state to small towns. We have also tried to fight the media who is happy to reiterate the narrative pushed by our enemies. Although we are closing our business, we are not giving up.

We have made our voices heard, and please know that the fight is not over. We continue to push to reform the laws that have impacted your right to live a cigarette-free life, through countless meetings and testimony with legislators and lawyers. If you would like to help, please give to your state association. In New York, you can give to On a federal level, you can give to We are actively involved in both organizations and continue to work to defend your rights as vapers.

We wish you health, happiness, and hope you remain smoke-free. Thank you for your business through the years. Please frequent your local vape shop, and don’t give in to the government’s wish for you to go back to smoking so they can get collect their tobacco taxes! That is what it all boils down to.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Stay healthy and thank you again!


Cheryl and Chris